International Standing Conference for the History of Education(ISCHE)


A History of ISCHE (1979-2000), by Christophe L√úTH

ISCHE was founded in 1978 to promote both international scholarship and co-operation in the field of history of education.

The chief vehicle for achieving the aims of ISCHE was the establishment of an annual conference in which participants came from all over the world. Conferences were held in different cities of Europe until 1999 when ISCHE took place in Sydney (Australia). Standing Working Groups were set up when ten or more individual members wished to focus on special subjects of investigation in a multi-national context. At present there are three Standing Working Groups: Gender in the History of Education; Cross-cultural Influences in the History of Education; and Teachers’ Unions and Higher Education Associations.

Reform plans were set in motion, in the 1990s, aimed to secure greater international participation and presence, as well as to increase the scientific level of ISCHE conferences and publications. New countries have joined ISCHE and, with the aid of secretaries from the national societies, a membership list has been compiled. In 2000 ISCHE became a full member of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS). A conference paper prize has been established.

Beginning in 1995, a selection of papers presented in each annual conference has been published in Paedagogica Historica, a journal that fulfils and important role inside ISCHE.

Recently, the ISCHE website has been set-up. It contains all the information about ISCHE, and represents the main vehicle for communication between all the members. For information about ISCHE Nigeria, go to and click to National Societies – Nigeria.

The Society finds itself at a point of transition between the old and the new Constitution. We are working to re-define the aims and character of ISCHE in a new historical intellectual context that is no longer that of the period of its foundation.

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